Are your worried of your broken or defective hardware which is too pricey to be thrown away and too technical to be repaired by you, then Lifeasy is just for you. Sometimes it is very tough for you to get the perfect fix for your home appliances or manage some of your home affairs. Lifeasy, as the name suggests, makes your life easy and smooth by managing all your affairs for you. Lifeasy offers various kinds of services to manage your home appliances and keep your life and appliances running smooth and clean. It is also makes the job handy and reasonable by offering a whole gamut of services starting with a very reasonable cost.

Lifeasy offers its on-demand home services in the a set of packages which start from a very basic token amount and can go all the way depending on your affordability. The company offers a variety of plans in between this range to suffice the needs of customers of all kinds and also adds to the experience with regular promotional offers and discounts which cut down the cost further. The company proudly boasts of its quality service with its experienced and skilled team of professionals who offer on time service at the best of prices. Lifeasy boasts of its services in a variety of domains covering your basic home affairs like Home Cleaning, Pest Control as well as Movers and Packers, and lastly Sofa or Carpet Spa; along with a range of appliance repair services like Geyser service, Washing Machine service, Refridgerator service, Microwave Oven service, AC service, RO service, LED TV installation, Electrical service, and lastly IT repairs. Lifeasy is present in a variety of locations panned throughout the north-Indian region, some of them being Noida, Ghaziabad, Delhi, Faridabad, etc. Thus, the offerings of the company are very much centeredaround Ghaziabad and the primely accessed services are related to ac services and are in the form of ac service in Gurgaon or ac gas filling service in Gurgaon.

The company also boasts of a broad consumer base and claims of quality services with 100% customer satisfaction. The company has received appraisal from its customers and is known for its on-time delivery and prompt and quality services. The company has worked hard to gain its current customer base out of which most of the customers are considered loyal and are believed rely upon the company’s trained and skilled professionals for all of their home affairs, be it sofa cleaning, pest control or as big of a task as Parts replenishment or Hardware installation. The company also runs various welcoming promotional programmes like ‘refer and earn’ and ‘promo codes’ to attract more and more customers and add to its already huge customer base. The company also cares for its established customer base and looks out for them by regularly offering them different kinds of promotional offers and discounts along with their prompt and pin-point actions.
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