How To Choose The Right Sofa For Your Living Room?

Just like any other furniture in the home, looking for a sofa for your living room is equally tricky. Some of the major factors to consider before choosing the right sofa is your budget. Here are a
few tips to help you decide to buy a sofa for your living room.

Size of the Living Room

First, see the size of your living room and decide on what portion of the room you want to fill-in the couch. Also, decide if you want to add chairs, coffee table, or a couch. It the living room is large, investing in an L-shape sofa would be the best option.

Also, in case the living room comes with a corner included, it would give a great look to the living room. In case your living room is in the center, then opting for rounder shaped sofas or couches would be a better option.

They provide more seating and cover a significantly good space in the room. Hence, the size of the sofa depends on the area of the living room you want to dedicate for it. Check out home furnishings singapore.


The arrangement of the sofa is essential. Decide how you want to place the set, should it face the TV, should it face the balcony or other factors. Also, see how your family uses the living room as and decide on the ambiance accordingly.

You can fit in a lot of cushions, and couches or chairs in the orientation to add more seating as well as give a chic look. Additionally, placing single chairs provides comfort to people who sit individually, and couches for people who sit in groups. If you want to entertain the guests, then put your sofa in such a way it would face the fireplace or the bar.


Now that you have decided on the size and orientation of the sofa decide the shape. If there is no separation between the living and the dining room, then this would act as a pseudo-compartment between both the rooms, hence adding room for privacy.

There are several other shapes of a sofa, with rectangular and L-shape being the most popular. Opt for rounder shaped sofas for small spaces that would accommodate a larger group of people as well as create a cozy feeling. Another good option is to get a daybed or a chaise which would look good with chairs.

Upholstery Material

There are a variety of materials for sofas. As much important a role aesthetic plays, functionality is more important. Hence, one should be always be careful while choosing the type of material for their sofa as a different type of materials need a different kind of maintenance.

Durable fabric options include cotton, synthetic microfibre, and linen. A leather sofa would give the living room a modern, elegant, and a classy look. Further, a suede or plush would be a poor choice if there are kids and pets in the house. You can also consider chesterfield sofa singapore.


Your sofa should match with the style of your living room and complement with each other. For a minimalist living room, the sofa should be of the same type. Similarly, if the living room includes a lot of colors and gives a vintage look, going for a sofa with colorful fabric or modern shape with traditional accents would be a great option.

Color or Pattern

Pick a color that reflects your taste and compliments with the living room. In case you have wallpapers or colored walls, then choose the color of the sofa accordingly. Picking unique colors and prints is okay. Additionally, check the frame of the sofa to see its durability. Lift one of the legs, and if the sofa still touches the ground, then it means that the frame is weak.

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