Being a pet owner is fun and enjoyable, but it also comes with great responsibilities. You have to take care of the primary needs of your dogs or cats, such as daily feeding and watering, cleaning, and positive attention. Besides that, it is your responsibility to prevent your pets from becoming a danger to other people in the house. If you have family members who are allergy sufferers, having pets inside the home may aggravate their condition.

You would hate to let go of your beloved fur friends—that’s for sure. By following these HVAC maintenance tips, you can maintain good air quality inside your home and keep your pets at the same time.

Make regular visits to the pet groomer

Keeping your pets clean and well-groomed can help maintain safe indoor air. Less shedding means less fur getting into your HVAC filters and ducts. Besides bathing your dogs at home every week, do not forget to make a regular visit to your local pet groomer to get your pet’s fur trimmed.

Change your air filters

Changing your air filters is an essential maintenance task that ensures the efficiency of your HVAC. This will avoid clogged air filters that restrict the proper flow of air. Most importantly, replacing dirty air filters can prevent allergens from building up in your home.

Have your air ducts cleaned

Pet hair can find its way to your air ducts and vents. Thus, it is important to keep these areas clean all the time. Duct cleaning can be a tricky job for someone who does not have the necessary knowledge and skills. To get the best results, leave the job to professional cleaners.

Consider adding an air purification system

Adding an air purification system can help make your indoor air stay cleaner. It is best to install an air purification system when you have indoor pets or family members who suffer from allergies. Air purifiers work by sanitizing the air in your home. According to Healthline, using an air purifier at home can help get rid of indoor air contaminants like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, mold, etc.

Invest in seasonal HVAC checkups

Another effective way to improve the quality of air inside your home is to have your air conditioner regularly serviced by a pro. Seasonal checkups provided by a licensed HVAC service provider will let you detect potential issues in your system. This can help prevent dangerous system breakdowns during the hottest days of the year.

Call a professional AC repair Austin

While there are basic AC maintenance tasks you can do on your own, major system repairs should always be to the pros. Do not attempt to troubleshoot your air conditioner problem at home all on your own.

To guarantee the safety of your family and home, you should partner with a reputable HVAC company in your local area. According to HomeAdvisor, it will only cost you $75 to $180 for a troubleshooting service call. Get your air conditioner back running smoothly again by hiring the pros today!

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