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There are lots of different lighting options available that you may not have even considered for your home. With the rising energy bill crisis, having choice when it comes to how you illuminate your house is a luxury that you can afford.

So, are you asking yourself how to bring more light into your home? Well, whether you’re looking for something battery powered, wall mounted or even natural, this article will let you in on a few tips on lighting alternatives that will add a little extra light to your home. 

LED Strip Lights- 

LED Strip Lights are a stylish and inexpensive way to revamp your home. They’re available in various colours and settings so if you’d like your lights to flash pink or glow blue, you need strip lights. 

They are extremely easy to install and remove, and don’t leave holes in your walls like wired light fixtures do. 

String Lights- 

String lights are a beautiful and simple way to light up your home. These, like LED lights, are a very cost effective way of keeping your lights on all evening. There are several variations of this type of light, either you can plug them into the wall or purchase a battery-powered set.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll find yourself stunned at how brightly these lights can shine, especially in smaller rooms. 

Light-Up Mirrors- 

Light-up mirrors are great lighting alternatives to other methods of lighting your home. As opposed to average mirrors or other wall-mounted lighting fixtures, these lights add an extra level of drama and depth to your room that make it look bigger than it really is. 

Light-up mirrors use LED bulbs which are more environmentally friendly and energy efficient than other types of bulbes like halogen and incandescent. 

Wall Sconce- 

Wall Sconces are generally considered to be traditional and outdated, but that is no longer the case. There is such a vast range of sconces available for every type of aesthetic, whether you are looking for something traditional, something modern, or something minimalistic. 

This particular type of light doesn’t have to look like you drilled an old-timey lantern into your wall. 

Light-Up Decorations- 

Lighting doesn’t have to mean a fixture or a unit that you stick or drill into the wall. Lighting can come from all kinds of places, and light-up decorations are a great place to start. You could have something small like battery-powered candles or fairy lights in a bottle, or you could have a neon sign!

Purchasing a couple of new decorations is one of the most inexpensive and easy ways that you can bring more light into your home.

Korniche Roof Lanterns- 

Korniche Roof Lanterns are perhaps the most expensive alternative lighting method on this list, but it is also the most durable and stunning option to choose. 

Korniche is known for its high quality products that are very durable and secure. So, you won’t have to worry about needing to replace it anytime soon. Additionally, they’re very easy to install and won’t take up a lot of your time to do so, either. 

There are lots of different kinds of Roof Lanterns to choose from, whether you’re looking for a specific type of frame, glass, or even heat efficiency, Korniche has what you need. 

The glass options include varying levels of light transmissions and solar heat reflection so that you don’t overheat during the summer, and no warmth can escape from your home in the winter. However, if you would like to introduce a little bit of air into your room, you can buy an open vent!

Their angular design helps to bring in light from all angles, so as well as helping to insulate your home, they’ll also help you save on your energy costs, as you won’t even need to turn on a light. 

Bigger Windows- 

Natural light is the best kind of light you can get. This is because of the high Vitamin D content in sunlight that has been proven to directly correlate with elevated levels of serotonin, which are very healing for the mind and soul. 

By installing bigger windows, you will introduce more natural light into your home which will not only heat it up and make it look nice, but improve your mood exponentialy as well. 

Reflective Objects- 

Reflective objects such as mirrors, crystals and glass, by nature, help to bounce more light around your room and make it seem brighter, even if it’s not. Not to mention, a new piece of decor will make your room look far nicer and fresher. 

Brightly-Coloured Laminate Flooring- 

Being conscious about the colours in your home can really make light go a long way. Darker colours, by nature, will absorb the light that enters your room and will do absolutely nothing as a different method of lighting. 

Carpets won’t help either, as the fibres do nothing but absorb light themselves. The best thing to have if you’re asking yourself how to bring more light into your home is brightly coloured laminate flooring. 

This is because laminate flooring will reflect the light coming in through the windows and illuminate the room. 

You could also reinforce this theory with a brightly coloured rug, as even though the fibres will absorb some of the light, the colours will help to reflect it. 

Sheer Curtains- 

Thick curtains are a sure-fire way to ensure that light doesn’t come into your room. If you switch them out for sheer curtains, they’ll allow far more light to shine through and help to brighten up the room. Or, you could remove the curtains completely.

Privacy Film- 

If you choose to remove your curtains but still value your privacy, you could put window frosting over the glass.    

This will not stop the light from getting through your windows and into your room, but it will stop people from being able to look in. 

Look Outside- 

If you find that there is suddenly a lot less light coming through your windows, you may have an overgrown bush or tree covering it. 

If you trim them down, you’ll probably find that you have far more light shining through. This is a quick and easy fix that doesn’t cost any money at all!

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