Social Media Marketing Strategies

In 2023, taking your social media marketing to the next level is crucial for brand success. While social media is an effective and affordable platform for building your brand identity, creating awareness, and connecting with your target audience, merely posting consistently won't cut it.

To truly stand out, it's essential to explore underutilized social media strategies that hold great promise but are often overlooked. Social media is a dynamic medium driven by trends, and many businesses tend to follow the crowd, missing out on functional yet lesser-known techniques.

Here are seven underutilized social media marketing strategies you should start implementing in 2023 to make your brand shine:

Remember that even small videos can make a big impact

There's something really important to keep in mind: even small videos can pack a big punch. We all know that long, elaborate videos have their place, but let's not underestimate the potential of those short, snappy video clips. You know, the ones that are just a few seconds to a minute long found on TikTok and even YouTube shorts.

In a time where our attention spans seem to be getting shorter by the minute, these bite-sized videos are like little gems. They're perfect for getting a message across quickly and making it stick. Whether you're teasing a new product, showing off a quick how-to, or giving a snappy call to action, short videos are the way to go. By jumping on this underappreciated strategy, you can create engaging, concise video content that really connects with your audience and leaves a mark on your social media presence.

What's fantastic about these small videos is that they're a playground for your creativity. They let you tell stories, stir up emotions, and get people talking. The spotlight on these mini-masterpieces in the world of social media marketing strategies is all about recognizing the power of brevity, engagement, and shareability.

Take advantage of less mainstream platforms to diversify your presence

You know what's pretty exciting about the social media game in 2023? It's all about being a bit of a rebel and venturing off the beaten path. In other words, it's time to take advantage of those less mainstream platforms that not everyone's talking about. Sure, the big players like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are essential, but there's a whole world of underappreciated platforms waiting to be explored.

The beauty of these less mainstream platforms is that they give you a chance to diversify your online presence. It's like adding different colors to your social media palette. By setting up shop on these platforms, you can reach a unique audience that might be overlooked by your competitors. Plus, you can experiment with new content styles and approaches that you might not get away with on the more crowded platforms. So, it's all about breaking the status quo and giving these underappreciated platforms a try to make your brand shine in fresh and unexpected ways.

Don't let selling and promoting dominate your strategy

You've probably heard this a million times: "Buy this, get that, it's on sale now!" But guess what? We're turning the tables on traditional marketing. It's all about not letting selling and promoting hog the spotlight in your social media strategy. Instead, we're talking about building genuine connections with your audience. It's about having conversations, not just shouting out discounts.

When you stop bombarding your followers with constant sales pitches and start sharing valuable content, it's like a breath of fresh air. You're not just a brand trying to make a quick buck; you're a brand that cares about your audience's needs and interests. Share informative articles, answer questions, host engaging discussions – it's all part of creating a community around your brand.

Develop how-to guides and educational video materials

Here's the scoop – it's all about becoming the go-to guru in your niche. And you know what's a killer way to do that? By creating how-to guides and educational video materials. It's like sharing your wisdom with your audience and saying, "Hey, we're here to help you become an expert too!"

These videos are not just about showing off your know-how; they're about building trust and providing real value to your followers. Whether it's a step-by-step tutorial on using your product or a video guide explaining industry trends, these educational materials can set you apart from the competition. So, don't just sell your products or services; empower your audience with knowledge and watch your brand's reputation and engagement skyrocket.

Work alongside micro-influencers to enhance brand presence

Here is another game-changer social media marketing strategy to try: teaming up with micro-influencers. These aren't the mega-celebs with millions of followers, but they've got something equally precious – authenticity. Micro-influencers are like the friendly neighbors who give you honest recommendations. When they talk about your brand, people listen, and they trust what they say.

So, why should you collaborate with micro-influencers? It's all about expanding your brand's reach in an authentic way.

These folks are deeply connected to their niches, and their followers are laser-focused on their content. When you work with micro-influencers, you tap into their dedicated communities, and it's like having a conversation with friends, not a sales pitch. This strategy adds a personal touch to your brand presence and builds a level of trust that's hard to beat. Remember that size doesn't always matter when it comes to influencers – it's the genuine connections they bring to the table that count.

Feature brand shout-outs in your Instagram story highlights

Featuring some brand shout-outs in your Instagram story highlights is like the Hall of Fame for your brand's recognition. These highlights are a bit like the star-studded red carpet where your best moments shine. When you showcase brand shout-outs here, it's a bit like saying, "Hey, check out all these cool folks who love us!"

What's fantastic about this strategy is that it gives your brand a dose of social proof. When your followers see others talking positively about your product or service, it's like an instant credibility boost. Plus, it keeps your highlights fresh and engaging, creating an ever-evolving narrative of satisfied customers, partners, and fans. So, make those Instagram story highlights a place to celebrate your brand's success stories and watch your credibility and engagement levels soar. It's all about letting your biggest fans do the talking for you!

Explore the concept of social media channel takeovers

Picture this: you're running a social media channel, and suddenly, a guest influencer or expert takes the reins for a day. It's like a guest chef taking over your kitchen for a night, and the results can be delicious. This concept is known as social media channel takeovers, and it's an underutilized gem in the world of digital marketing.

What's so cool about this strategy is that it adds a fresh, exciting twist to your content. When you bring in someone with a different perspective or a dedicated fanbase, you're introducing new energy and reach to your channel. It's not just a change of face; it's a change of vibe, which can reinvigorate your audience's interest. Whether it's an industry expert sharing insights or a social media influencer engaging your followers, takeovers can be a game-changer.

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