Today the dance world is comprised of many different styles. However, you may study hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, or tap, there is always something new that you will learn from a ballet class that you can introduce in other dance techniques.

Learning the techniques of ballet is like taking your vitamins. It is a fundamental style and it will definitely supplement your dance style even of your key focus is not ballet.


We can say that the mother of all dance technique is ballet. You can trace most of the Western styles of dance back to ballet. Even its codification can extremely influence the other dance styles.

It has been seen by the researchers that most of the dance techniques have been borrowed from the ballet’s French terminology. For example, if you see in dance forms, the basic foot positions such as 1st position, 2nd position, and the others, and words such as plie and tendu are mostly used in dance classes.

These are basis dance form. If you learn them in a ballet class and practice them regularly you will understand the language that is used to describe the technical movements in all dance forms better. However, there are also other techniques outside ballet who also codifies their style, so it is essential that you understand the divergence in them.

Plies and tendu are used during warm up in almost all the dance form. Other types of dance like jazz and modern dance use terms such as battements or pirouettes for describing high kicks or turns. But, saying this, the form of dance in the way they are done may differ from one dance style to another.


You may be learning other techniques of dance but taking ballet classes along with other classes will give you a good understanding of the entire dance technique.

Ballet is a form that is linear, emphasizes your form and give a lightness to your body. With such formation of your body, you can easily carry the steps of most of the dance form be it jazz or modern steps. 

However, you may have to throw out all the ballet techniques if you try other styles like hip-hop. But, the best part is knowing most of the techniques will enhance your dance moves and you will become more versatile as a dancer.

Ballet is one such form of dance through which you can also train your musicality as a dancer. The awareness of music and rhythm while you dance is known as musicality.

The training is musicality will help you to enhance your sense of tempo. It will also determine whether you are performing something sharply or fluidly depending on the rhythm of the music. Basically, it will enhance your ability to understand the quality of various movements in your body that you may get asked outside of ballet.

Use ballet to improve your modern dance technique

How can you use the various techniques of ballet to improve your other dance styles?

1. Your prime focus may not be ballet but you must take a ballet class for at least 1-2 times per week.

2. It is better that you become accustomed to the terminology of ballet and understand how are they used in other techniques.
3. Use the class to see where you are going wrong and try to improve them.

4. Make it a point that you make your ballet classes a place where you can rectify your mistakes.

5. Get familiar with the ballet music train your body and mind to enjoy it.

Most of the girls love to dance and it may be of any form of contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, or ballet. The dance classes in Qatar have given them the perfect opportunity when they can enhance their dancing skills and show them to the world.

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