Camping is one of the most relaxing and exciting activities you can choose to do with your friends. Not only does it bring you and your friends together, but also, it allows you to reconnect with nature as you recharge. What better experience than going for camping at Maui Hawaii. It is one destination you will always live to remember. You will be able to do hiking at the verdant trails as you take photos and play games together. There is also an option of camping at the beach. Can you imagine how relaxing it would be to camp next to the ocean? Being able to play an evening volleyball game with your friends while enjoying the cool breeze is so rewarding. If you are planning to go camping in Maui, Hawaii, you have made the right choice. Don't worry if you don’t know some of the best destinations for camping. This article will enlighten you with some of the most exciting options. Below are some recommendations for you.

Have you been close to a volcanic coastline before? If not, why lose the opportunity? Waianapanapa State Park in Maui offers you the chance to explore a volcanic coastline as you pick fruits from the trees in the park. Here, you have the chance to navigate the shoreline of Pailoa beach, which is very famous for its basalt sand. The presence of century-old trails makes the whole experience far more interesting since it takes you back to the old days. The great thing about choosing Waianapanapa state park as your destination is because you will have so many activities to do and so many attraction sites to explore. Apart from the black sandy beach and the freshwater caves, you will also see stretches of teal waterfalls. Besides, you can swim in the ocean anytime you feel like.

If you prefer the upcountry side away from the beaches and oceans, Hawaii has you sorted. It allows you to enjoy at your convenience by offering a variety of tourist destinations. Polipoli is one of the great upcountry options filled with forests where campers can opt to camp. There are also hiking trails for campers to enjoy while they do picnics. Some of those who have already gone camping in Polipoli highly recommend hiking along the Redwood Trail in Hawaii. You are advised to rent a four-wheel-drive if you choose to go and explore the trails, to allow a smooth ride. While hiking in Polipoli, you will come across abandoned ranger stations, which some people find very interesting. Being in contact with the towering trees also helps you to reconnect with nature. Note that the temperatures in Polipoli get extremely low, especially during the night, and hence, it is essential to bring warm clothes. Another fun fact is that hunting is allowed in the park. Ensure you carry bright colors that are suitable for such activities.

Hosmer Grove Campground is also an ideal destination for sunrise and bird watchers. You can easily access the summit of Haleakala and enjoy its scenery. What is fascinating about this experience is that you can easily explore the area with ease while watching a different variety of birds during the day. Besides, this campground is close to a massive volcano that is located in the park. The diverse attraction sites make Maui one of the most sought areas by tourists.

If you have thought of exploring the Hawaiian island, it is time for you to act on your plans. You will get to experience the wildlife, endangered environments, go hiking on the famous trails and deep your feet into the black sandy beaches. There are many reasons to explore the world and see what it has to offer. Plan your Maui Camping trip as soon as possible.

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