India is the land with different religions, castes, traditions, and customs. It is the place where you will find the unity and harmony among people of different religions. Our country especially the northeastern part has lush green forests, steep mountains, beautiful hill stations and lots more to explore.
Have you ever seen the most stunning places in Northeastern India? If not, this article will highlight the places of Northeastern India which you must see before you die.
  1. Sela Pass
Sela Pass is the beautiful mountain pass lying between the districts of Tawang and West Kameng in Arunachal Pradesh. The thrilling ice-capped mountains on both the sides of this pass are must watch site.
You can watch Sela Lake which is just near to this pass. Sela Pass is one of the top reasons to visit northeastern India before you die.
  1. Majuli River Island
Covering an area of 880 sq. km, Majuli River Island is the largest river island in the whole world. Many tribes live on this island such and you can enjoy their cultural dance and foods.
If you love knowing about history and mythology, visit this island. It is full of monasteries or Satras belonging to the ancient period.
  1. Kaziranga National park
The next on the list is Kaziranga National Park. It is one of the most famous national parks in India. Situated in Assam, this national park is a World Heritage Site.
It has rhinos in large number. Apart from that, you will find wild water buffalo, swamp deer, elephants and other birds in this park. There are various observation towers for visitors for wildlife watching activity.
  1. Mawsmai Cave
Deep caves form the part of the rich heritage of our country. One of the deepest caves of India, Mawsmai Cave is the gem of Northeastern India. Many scientists and researchers come here to find facts about these caves.
The limestone formations in these cave date back to thousands of years. These caves give a serene feeling to your mind and soul.
  1. Tea Gardens
How can you miss watching Tea Gardens of Assam while going to northeastern India? Rich green trees will make you feel energetic at one glance.
Assam produces more than 400 million kg of tea every year. River Brahmaputra on the one side of tea gardens enhances its beauty. Tea estates cover approximately an area of 2, 16, 200 hectares.
  1. Nohkalikai Falls
You will feel the reach touch of nature by visiting this tranquil place. The sweet sound of water falling from a great height and the calmness of the place will mesmerize you.
You can capture the never-ending waterfalls in your camera to cherish those golden moments even after many years. It is one of the tops reasons to visit Northeast India for trips.
  1.  Dzukou Valley
This stunning valley beautifies the northeastern part of India. Lying at the border of Nagaland and Manipur, this valley has a pleasant atmosphere. It has many colourful flowers which will give your eyes a cool feeling.
This quaint place has its own beauty which will fill the minds of a true explorer with freshness and excitement.
  1. Live Root bridges
These bridges show the skills of the people who created them. Living root bridges are made from roots of rubber fig trees by Jaintia and Khasi tribes. They have a shape similar to trees.
You can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere around these valleys with friends and family. These footbridges deserve a click in your cameras because of the lovely shape and forms.
  1. Bomdila
Bomdila is the small place situated in the district of West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh, India. Because of its wet and cloudy weather, the people from different parts of the country visit here and if you are searching for travel agent jobs then you can apply for it.
Additionally, this place has apple orchards, Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary and orchid farms which are its specialties.
  1. Touphema Village
This village has beautiful huts designed in a unique manner. Touphema Village is the place with amazing culture and traditions. It is one of the most popular tourist places in Nagaland.
You can enjoy folk dances and hearing folk tales of Naga communities and other tribes of this village.
These places are the top reasons to visit northeastern India once in your lifetime. They are beautiful, and perfect in every sense which justifies the purpose of your trips.
Taking the position as World Heritage Sites, these places are a gift to the future generations of India.

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