If you are a lover of baked goods (LIKE cakes); then YAY!!! We have a list of the best and ultimately indulgent cakes for you!! For the love of deliciously baked cakes; try to remember enlisted names on your next outing. Or, simply order them online using the Faasos Coupons. These cakes will loom you into a taste of heaven. You would always want to order them every time there is birthday or party at home.
So, here we go!!

1 – Caramel Peppermint Crisp Cake:

It has the tasty caramel and the fragrant peppermint. Leaving a cool sensation in your mouths – it is just amazing. Having layers of crisp cake with unique frosting and lots of chocolate crumbs – YUM!!! You can also make this at home as it is easier and requires lesser effort. The main feature its fresh and relishing taste.

2 – Dark Chocolate and Coconut Ganache Cake:

Dark chocolate cake has multiple layers, hugging the thick syrup of heavenly chocolate!! Small and thin coconut shavings as frosting decoration – beautiful!! The taste of thick chocolate melting in the mouths. The Dark Chocolate and Coconut Ganache Cake have unique taste and flavour. If you are a fan of chocolate cakes, then try this one. You can get a break from the Truffle and Black Forest. You can say thanks to us later!

3 – Granadilla Yoghurt Cake:

You will find this one at the high-end bakeries and parlours only. Well, the best taste experience can be had at the best places. Therefore, say thanks to technology that you can use the Faasos Coupons. You can use them at any time and from anywhere. Baked with the Granadilla or Passion Fruit Yoghurt; this delicious cake is a must-have.

4 – Chocolate and Whisky Brownie Cake:

This cake has everything tasty:
·       Chocolate
·       Whisky
·       Brownie
So, it is one of the most indulgent cakes you will ever taste. You can enjoy the perfect taste of Scotch Whiskey. This cake can be easily made at the home as well. You can top the cake with tasty raspberries and Double Cream.

5 – Ferrero Rocher and hazelnut liqueur ice cream cake:

This is yet another amazing ice cream and chocolate cake. It is made with the delectable Ferrero Rocher chocolates. It has the complete texture of a caramel cake and earthy hazelnut flavour. Garnished with fresh berries, dates and honeycomb – it has a delicious aftertaste. You can enjoy this ice cream cake as a perfect dessert with any meal.

6 – Banana Bread Cake with Peanut Butter:

This is a delicious layered cake of banana and peanut butter flavour. The bananas are crushed and mixed in the flour. The cake slices are layered using the peanut butter. The frosting is decorated with the chocolate syrup. This is one simple cake that can be easily made at home as well. You can also top the cake with chocolate shavings and melted chocolate. This cake is easy on calories as compared to the others.

7 – Chocolate Cream Cheese Cake with Macaroons:

Macaroons are every cake lover's delight. They are cute as well as yummy. This chocolate cream cheese cake will have macaroons as well. Hence, it is one of the really intelligent cakes. It has a thick frosting of chocolate and cream cheese. The macaroons are used as a garnishing ingredient.

8 – Chocolate Macaroon Cake:

The chocolate macaroon cake is simply a bit of heaven. The frosting is made with cream and chocolate chunks. The cake has a distinct flavour of coconut. It is folded into the cake batter before baking. It has two or three layers of cake. The frosting is dusted with cocoa. The raspberries are the most popular choice for garnishing.

9 – Lemon Curd and Coconut Cake:

The lemon curd and coconut cake is one of the most amazing cakes. It has the distinct hint of lemon and the rich taste of coconut. The crumbly sponge cake is layered using the chocolate and lemon curd mixture. The delicate coconut shavings are used for covering the cake on all sides. The coconut shavings or grated coconut is also placed in between the layers. This is one of the best cakes with typical English taste. It can be enjoyed as a perfect companion of your evening tea.

10 – Piecaken:

It is one of the most amazing and unique desserts. It is a cake as well as by put together. The Apple cake is placed upside down as a layer on Pumpkin Pie. This is layered on top of a Pecan Pie. The layers are tied together with Cinnamon Butter Cream. There are different versions available at different bakeries. The toppings vary from marshmallows to simple chocolate shavings.
Well, these are the must-have cakes you should try at least once. Lured into a cake fantasy?? Order online now using Faasos Coupons.

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