When visiting Agra, the first thing one would think is of the beautiful Taj Mahal. Of course the Taj Mahal might be the high point of your Agra visit, but oh, there is so much- so much more to the city of Agra! From the good old bazzars, where you could never get tired of shopping to the mouth watering cuisines where you could just eat till your belly aches, the local cultures  to experience and a historic stay at the luxurious Agra hotels- there is truly a lot of unique things to do at Agra.
Commence your trip from the Taj Mahal, but don’t let it just end there! Dig into the richness of the Agra culture and experience all that you can once you’re in the land of Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal.
1. Bird Watching
Interested in some birds, then an hour’s drive from Agra will bring you to the Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary or the Kwoladeo Ghana Bird Sanctuary, the haven for bird watchers. This Sanctuary is a home to almost two hundred and thirty species of birds, which include the open bill, painted stork, egret, cranes, grey herons, rosy pelicans and much more. You’ll be luckier if you visit the sanctuary during the winter months, when the migratory birds come in too.
Catch a rickshaw or a cycle and watch the birds ‘doing their thing’. This sanctuary has the respect and fame of being one of the best bird watching sites and the best natural habitat for birds in Asia.
2. Cooking with the Locals
Liking the food of the locals? Then perhaps you might want to interact with ‘the hand that cooked the goodie’. Well, now you have the chance to deconstruct authentic North Indian cuisine, understand the ingredients and make a satisfying mouth watering meal.
Walk around the Bazzars of Agra and buy your own veggies, then join a local family in their kitchen as they guide you in making the dish you adore. It’s a learning experience and also a chance to socialize with the locals.
3. The Shah Jahan- Mumtaz ‘Kahaani’
After all, an article on Agra isn’t really completed without the Taj Mahal. A lack of mentioning the beautiful love story associated with it would be a shame indeed. After having witnessed the Taj Mahal for yourself, it is time to witness the entrancing love story of Emperor Shah Jahan and his lovely lady Mumtaz Mahal, the lady behind the Taj.
Watch them as they come alive at Mohabbat - The Taj Show in a world class theater. Give yourself the feeling of being in the Mughal courts, to all the drama of the love story - all under a single roof.            
4. A Culture Vulture!
And if you are having a fascination with studying and interacting with different cultures and love decoding history, the Korai Village is the place for you. This place is the home to the Kalandhar tribe, a small community of traditional bear tamers. This village had first opened its doors to outsiders when two lively sisters when they saw the opportunity of advancement and education there.
Take the time to visit the huts here and learn a thing or two on the culture and lifestyle of the local people. It will be an experience that shouldn’t be missed, one that will bring happiness to you and them as well.
5. Bazaars of Agra
Is the trip ever completed without a bit of shopping? Here you can experience the colorful city like a local, with a trip around the local bazaars around the Agra. Here you can pick up the most exquisite zardozi jewelry at the Kinari Bazaar, or purchase some leather goods and handicraft shopping at Sadar Bazaar. And spices? Agra has you covered at the Daresi Bazaar as a part of your unique tour. Of course, you might want to first ask for directions from your guide as the bazaars get awfully confusing.
Agra could give you the experience of a lifetime if only you choose to look beyond the Taj Mahal and into the rich local life of the people. So don’t let the trip end as a pilgrimage to Mumtaz’s tomb, go out and explore Agra from Delhi, and the beauty it has to offer to you when you plan your India viajes.

























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