Most of the time, not all the applications will be approved in the first filling. There are some instances that you might not reach the demand that immigration has. Especially in the E2 visa petition. There are some requirements that you must provide when applying for this kind of endorsement. It is strictly demanded of the people who want to build their own business and be part of a certain venture in America.

If you fail to acquire the documents and provide the supporting details, then your request is impossible. Thus, that is not the only thing that needs your attention. There is some more reason why your application gets denied. Besides, in this article, we want to give you the reasons and elaborate why it might affect your filling instantly.

So, if you are interested, follow us as we explore this excellent topic. Let us find out the reason behind the denied application for an E2 visa. Let’s move forward and start!

Reason Of Having Denied E2 Visa

This section contains the reasons why your application gets denied and returns negatively. Each of the information on the list contains a crucial point that you must manage to avoid and enhance. It includes the following;

  • Having a not substantial investment

An investment is a primary point in applying for an E2 visa. If you don’t have the ability and capability of showing that your investment is profitable, then forget to apply for this petition. You must have a solid and effective strategy and a great foundation before entering other ventures, especially in US companies.

  • Having a marginal enterprise

Again, immigration is demanding when it comes to potential strategies. If they think that you have what it takes to have successful profitable ventures within five years, then they will grant you your petition. If not, then apply for a new one next time. 

  • Having a not irrevocably investment

Taking advantage is what the immigrants fear. There are some cases that some people are using this petition for their own sake, not for the business. That is why they ensure that you have the quality of being a beneficiary. If your funds can easily be retrievable at the moment that you enter the US, then immigration might see it as deceptive. 

The best way to avoid that is to invest your fund in purchasing resources or rented physical premises. You should also invest some significant money beforehand. In that case, it is better to appear that your fund is in danger or at risk.

  • Not owning a half percent of the company

Owning half of the venture is essential in applying this petition. If you are making a business of investing for other ventures, your fund must be 50% of the entire organization. If not, the application is impossible

  • Having an illegal enterprise

Of course, it is impossible to have an E2 visa if you have an illegal venture. As you know, immigration conducted a strict investigation before the approval of your petition. They have the power to look for documents that can represent the legality of your enterprise. If not, it is impossible to obtain an E2 visa.

  • Having a great relationship with your home country

You must have a clear intention when applying for this petition. You must declare that you don’t have the intention of applying for residency aside from the E2 visa. And after the years of your E2 visa, you are going back to your home country instantly. If not, your petition might be affected and get denied.

  • Not having a supervisory position

As we mentioned earlier, the position is the key to applying for this E2. You must have a rank of executive or supervisor when managing the venture that you invest in or your business. You must also consider the employees that are working in your company. Managing them is necessary.


It is necessary to know the downside of certain things. Especially when it can cause you so much trouble. In this case, an E2 endorsement application demanded some requirements that you must acquire. If not, then it might affect your request. However, with the help of professionals, you can arrange an excellent filling.

We hope that this content can give you an idea of how you can avoid the denied application. You should know it beforehand to prepare your requirements and complete them on time. So, we thank you for keeping this article navigated. Good luck and God bless you!

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