spend time staying home

#1 Create a blog 
 Think of your hobbies, skills or knowledge which might be useful for others. Let your mind wander and write down all your thoughts. Then make a list of ideas that you can make a video about and try it out. If you already keep a diary it will not be new to you, do not hesitate to share your thoughts with the world in social media or in a live-journal, certainly you will encounter like-minded ones. Under best-case scenario a blog could be monetized. You never know when popularity catch up with you 😊 

 #2 Move furniture
 Yes, you got it right! Move furniture to freshen up the interior. Any changes in the surrounding space benefit the brain cells, improve mood and even memory. Also, a little work out never hurts, especially when you have nothing to do

 #3 Get rid of stuff
 Have a peek at a closet, chest of drawers and cupboards. We all have things we bought and never even touched or wore. If you attentively skim your stuff, it might be surprising how few possessions we use on a day-to-day basis and how environment surrounding us effects an ability to sort the mess out in your head. Do not be scared to throw out unnecessary things and useless purchases. Become a part of altruists’ community and separate acceptable quality clothes to donate or give it away. Remember, tidy desk - tidy mind.
 #4 Hit online casino 
 Nowadays it is getting easier to entertain yourself from the comfort of your home. Whether you just have access to the Internet the world of big gambling is opened. You can choose your favorite game such as Poker, Bakkarat, Keno, online roulette, Bingo, Lottery among plenty of secured casinos which you could find on this real money online casino Canada list. Perhaps, you are keen on playing slots or even never played, so that is a great opportunity to try it out and mix a little business with pleasure. Why not have fun and take your chance to beat the house and win real money?

 #5 Make a list of things that you are thankful for
 Reflection is a great way to concentrate on tasks that are crucial at the moment. Implementing the habit to allocate the things that were making you happy during the day is considered to benefit your emotional condition. Many psychologists say that this is not only a great way to feel happier, but also to change the way you approach life for the better.

 #6 Start on financial planning
 Financial planning is one of the critical aspects of running a budget properly. Especially, whether you haven't been keeping an eye on income and costs, it would be essential to start doing it, at least make a two-columns table to see your monthly capital and how you dispose of your budget. Look back on what you dream of, but cannot afford right now and set a goal. By determining the best way to use your financial resources, set exact term and certain steps you will take to achieve an aim. Review your budget, think about how you can save more money. Or maybe you will finally open a savings account or refinance a loan?

 #7 Start huge jigsaw puzzle
 Reading such articles there are found a bunch of advice to meditate applying different methods. We want to shed light on one that is probably not used a lot as a meditation, however, being bored at home we suggest to try doing a jigsaw puzzle. Choose the image that pleases your eye therefore you will be able to put on a wall your masterpiece and decorate home with hand-made artwork. Some printing services may offer to print your photo out and cut it into little components of a huge puzzle. Doing it together with your family or friends makes the process more fascinating and knit you tighter!
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