Eyelash extensions

It is without a doubt that eyelash aesthetics is rising and making giant waves in the beauty industry, crossing global borders. It’s simply something that people just can’t get enough of! If you take a look at the western side of the globe, professional eyelash extensions are one of the most popular beauty solutions that people are opting to go for. 

At this point, you might be returning from an eyelash extension break and doing quick research on maximizing the retention period of your extensions before going for a full set, or you’re probably interested in undergoing the procedure, but you’re still hesitant to do so and would want to know more information in this blog to make a sound decision. Which is great! For total rookies, you never want to end up with irritated eyelids and zero hair left from a cosmetic procedure like this. Experienced eyelash extension wearers would definitely agree. With any beauty solution, it is highly important to be familiar with the entirety of the procedure or at least the basics of it. In this blog, we will cover what professional eyelash extensions are, why people are choosing them, and of course, the best season to have them done, along with the consideration of the eyelash cycle.  

For newbies, let’s talk about what eyelash extensions are and why people are choosing this. 

(For experienced eyelash extension wearers, you can scroll past this or walk down memory lane through this portion) 


Professional eyelash extensions are individual lashes that are adhered to your natural eyelashes, covering each of your natural strands. This gives a fuller, thicker and darker look. There is a proper process of having your eyelash extensions done, which includes lathering your lashes with a lash shampoo that has been carefully formulated by the manufacturer to support the health of your lashes, proper application of a quality primer, patch testing prior to the scheduled appointment, using special eyelash glue and so on. Therefore this procedure requires a professional lash artist or lash technician and should be done at a lash studio or lash salon. It is important to take note that this is not a DIY procedure. 

So why are people choosing this option? Well, professional eyelash extensions tend to last longer and are considered to be semi-permanent as they can stay on your lashes for 2 weeks or even months before needing to have them re-filled. With professional eyelash extensions, having re-fills or fill sets is part of the maintenance when the full set of extensions has shed down to only a portion of it remaining. Lash extensions are more convenient for most people, especially for those who are always on the go and don't have time to get fully glammed up or apply falsies, mascara, and curl them. You only need to go for an appointment every 2 weeks or after a few months and voila, every day you wake up beautiful and come home still looking gorgeous. It’s a win-win!  

Now that we know why professional eyelash extensions are the go-to, you might be on the verge of heading to the nearest eyelash extensions salon to have yours done asap! But hold on, it is important to know about the eyelash cycle in order to pair it properly with the best season to have them done. Trust us, you don’t want to miss this next bit of information, it’s a game-changer.

The Eyelash Cycle

Before talking about the lash cycle, let’s briefly go through a few important facts beginning with how our eyelashes actually shed. This might be news to you, but just as our skin sheds, our lashes shed as well. In fact, they shed 5-7 strands each day. But this is an absolutely normal and healthy bodily process. Because shedding is part of the body’s job, there are 4 phases in the eyelash cycle

1. The Anagen Phase

In this stage, your follicles are breaking out hairs that will continue to grow until they reach their maturity or the end of their lifespan, ultimately coming off of your eyelids. It is possible to apply the eyelash extensions in this stage, however, as your lashes are still growing, you can end up with uneven styles. Therefore it is not so optimal to set an appointment at this phase. 

2. The Catagen Phase

As the Anagen phase comes to an end, hair growth slows down and the hair parts away from the follicle. Although the hair still stays in place during its last days of growing. We highly recommend the application of eyelash extensions at this stage. 

3. The Telogen Phase

At this point, the hair has stopped growing but doesn’t fall out just yet. 

4. The Exogen Phase

Finally, at this phase, the hair sheds from the skin, and new hair starts to grow.

The Best Season to have Eyelash Extensions Done

As previously mentioned, we lose 5-7 lash strands per day, but there would be times when our lashes would shed more than that and this is most likely to be the result of seasonal shedding. This is typically unnoticeable but during the times that you do notice this, it would be within the summer months until the start of autumn. 

With all of these facts in place, the best season to have your eyelashes done is during the months of December to February or the colder months as your body will shed fewer eyelashes, compared to the hotter seasons or days. With that being said, it is vital to not only keep your lashes healthy at all times regardless of the season and phases it is in, but also to be informed about lash care and the latest changes in your lash products. Thanks to Forabeli’s nourishing products, it is possible to get the best care and results for your eyelashes as well as the best quality lash extensions and applications for your next appointment with your lash technician. 

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