There are many ways to add curb appeal to your home’s exterior, however, only a handful hold a candle to the industrial splendor of a steel door. A product of modern times, a steel front door looks nothing like its wrought-iron predecessor. Its sleek dimensions are a testament to effortless luxury.

Keep reading for more on how a steel entry door enhances curb appeal in Lake Bluff.

A Class Apart

For most homebuyers, a quick first impression is all that’s necessary to give a property the benefit of a second glance, a slower scroll speed, and a viewing request.

The beauty of your house is only as deep as its fa├žade, and the only thing that’ll make a buyer stop and look is a set of steel doors in all their dapper and minimalist glory.

The Bigger, The Better

With the lack of space these days, most homes don’t have the luxury of a front yard. They’re mostly attached townhouses, stacked one after the other, with only a lucky few having the advantage of a semi-detached side. Unless your home is detached, it’s bound to look congested. 

The solution: work the interior with the exterior.

Add a custom steel door with as much glass as possible. If possible, have yours made on special order with a sidelight on one or both sides, and transoms at the top. The visual access into your home will make it appear deeper, bigger, and more multi-dimensional than a mere two-sided box in a row of similar boxes. 

A Study in Color

The right steel door can make an achromatic entry appear strategic in its use of color. While black steel doors are the best color option for the modern entry, they may not be everyone’s cup of tea.

However, unlike wood, you don’t have to go all out, color-wise, on a steel front door. Just a subtle shift from black, somewhere along the same portion of the color wheel, is all you need to lure in buyers. 

The slight variation will make them want to study your home to make sure what they’re looking at is indeed black or a color they’ve never seen in an entry door before.

Options Galore

Who says a steel entry door has to have a flat top? While that may be the most commonly employed shape, it’s certainly not the only one that guarantees the look of opulence you’re aiming for. Indeed, you can select a steel front door with a full arch, a mini arch, and even have it specialized with a half archtop, without compromising on luxury. 

Some homeowners even go for end-to-end arched front doors that extend as far as their exteriors. These entries look massive because they’re either steel frames with one large, clear-glass lens or frames with individual rectangular panels occupied by geometric cuts of glass.

Eye of the Beholder

A steel door may be all the ornamentation you need to boost your curb appeal. However, it can also work with other tools, say good landscaping, a clean driveway, strategically placed lighting fixtures, potted plants on the front steps, potted plants framing the front door, and so on.

While a solitary steel front door can make an entry may appear smart and sleek, a steel front door framed by greens on both sides and paired with an inviting walkup might appeal to those leaning towards a more modern yet warm and cozy vibe.

All the Light You Can See

Perhaps the biggest advantage of custom steel doors is their ability to keep all but light on the other side. When you have a set of steel doors with a higher glass ratio, you’re signing up for light rather than a dark and gloomy interior.

Experienced homebuyers are well aware of this advantage, and those partial to natural light would definitely keep your home and its steel frontage at the forefront of their minds.

Ready to Change Your Front Door in Lake Bluff, IL?

Once you replace your old entry with a set of steel front doors, there isn’t much else left to be done, for the glorious finish alone would draw in potential buyers. 

To venture into these uncharted waters, we recommend you start with Pinky’s Iron Doors. The door makers and designers have years of experience crafting modern iron doors, steel entries, and interior doors and windows for residential and commercial addresses across Illinois. 

Browse their catalog to customize your steel entry doors.


Jimmy is a front door designer whose employment at Pinky’s Iron Doors predates the steel doors currently provided by the company. He considers himself a strong advocate for these doors, having personally observed each one that has graced the thresholds and interiors of homes across the US. Blogging about them is one of the many ways he seeks to convince buyers to take a chance on steel exteriors. 


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