A leading consumer company in the world of electronics with over 75 years of experience, Crompton offers you 2 business segments like electrical consumer durables, lighting, and more. Some of its best-selling products include fans, lighting, home appliances & pumps. To understand the quality of their products & the benefits they offer, here’s a brief understanding of each segment. Here’s a look at them.

1. Fans

Crompton offers you a range of fans like silent fans, designer fans, antidust fans, air 360 fans, electroplated finish fans, underlight fans, table fans, wall-mounted fans, pedestal fans, exhausted fans, kitchen fans, etc.

Ceiling fans: Crompton offers you ceiling fans that are high speed. They have magnificent carvings which give your home a stylish finish. The fans come with a remote control that uses radiofrequency technology for operations. Not just that, the fans come at an affordable price, are energy efficient, decorate, and have high air delivery too.

2. Lighting

Crompton also offers a smart lighting system that can easily be connected using WiFi on your phone as well as provide control over light aspects. They also have smart features that offer amazing power functionality as well as gorgeous styles. 

The lighting products offered by Crompton include LED bulbs, table lamps, battens, conventional lamps, ceiling lights & lots more. 

LED Bulbs: Crompton offers you LED bulbs that suit all the needs of your lighting experience. They are also durable, can last you beyond 15 years, and have an excellent light distribution as well.

Table Lamps: Crompton also has an amazing array of table lamps that illuminates your personal space & keeps all the table light woes far away. The table lamps offered by Crompton also come with LED lights that give you sufficient lighting & make the whole environment experience comfortable for you.

Conventional Lamps: Crompton has an excellent range of LED lamps which has a good study design that makes it all durable. It is also energy sufficient, consumes minimal power & is durable too.

3. Home Appliances

Crompton also offers an assortment of home appliances such as room heaters, air coolers, garment care, food preparation materials like wet grinders, mixer grinders, induction cooktop, water heaters, geysers, air coolers, room heaters, etc. To check out their best range, visit: https://www.crompton.co.in/

Water Geysers

Hot water is needed all throughout the year for various purposes. Hence, Crompton offers you excellent water heating solutions so that you can clean, bathe, get the best water-related chores done at your own pace, without experiencing hassles.

Food Preparation

Crompton always offers innovative appliances that make your quality of life a lot better. Its juicers, grinders, food processors, electric kettles make the process of cooking better. Crompton mixers are excellent choices for your every day kitchen needs. It can also be used for mashing vegetables, cutting, crushing all types of meat and nuts. Apart from that, we also offer an electric kettle which makes heating water a piece of cake.

Garment Care

Crompton’s garment care includes dry and steam irons which get rid of wrinkles creases with ease. They are easy to clean, super durable in nature, maintain and clean your casual wear and offer state-of-the-art technology that makes your clothes look clean and fresh always.

4. Pumps

Pumps are of various types, including residential pumps, specialty pumps, and agricultural pumps.

Agricultural pumps

Depending on the application and needs, Crompton provides you with an extensive pump range that is required for deep well drilling, farm irrigation, etc.

Residential Pumps

Residential pumps provided by Crompton are easy to maintain, high in performance, saves energy easily, and offer high-grade electrical stamping which lowers down friction loss & ensures the best results. 

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