Spring is here and it is time to cleanse the house. You're excited to get in and get dirty but hold your horses. There are certain mistakes you could be making every spring cleaning season that is keeping you from having a truly clean home. Check out these common spring cleaning blunders and make sure you're not making them.

Forgetting to create a checklist

Spring cleaning is a chance to get rid of danger zones and figure out the most efficient way to tidy up your home. One spring cleaning mistake to avoid is not creating a checklist. Checklists will keep you on track and allow you to boost your mood by crossing off each task. Include items on your checklist like scheduling necessary repairs in your home, such as a seasonal AC repair Jupiter.

Cleaning from bottom to top

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning their living space is cleaning bottom up. That means the flooring gets cleaned first, followed by countertops and then walls. When the whole house is getting refreshed, it's important to start from the top and go down. This will prevent you from having to redo any cleaning that has already been done if dust falls.

Keeping the windows closed

It may be tempting to keep the windows and doors closed when you're doing deep cleaning, but there are many benefits to leaving them open. That's because you want to ventilate as much as possible. Between the dust and steamy showers, there's a lot of moisture in the air. Without proper ventilation, mold can grow and spread throughout your home. In short, opening those windows and letting some fresh air in is like hitting a reset button for your house.

Not wearing safety equipment

From gardening to garage cleaning to painting, spring cleaning requires a lot of work. But make sure your safety apparel is up to the task. Even the smallest cut can get infected if you're not covered properly. So make sure your arsenal includes personal protective equipment like glasses, masks, first aid kits, and hearing protection too. If you'll be working with a ladder, make sure it's set up on even ground or a stable surface, and it's best to have another person hold the base as you climb.

Doing spring cleaning all on your own

This year, don’t make the common spring cleaning mistake of doing it all yourself. One way to make sure you still have time left in your weekend plans is by bringing help on board. While you could try your hand at DIY spring cleaning, doing it alone can add stress and anxiety to this task that is already onerous enough. 

Consider a professional air conditioning installation Jupiter this new season 

The spring season is a great time to start thinking about replacing that old, outdated air conditioning system inside your home. Your heating and cooling system has a life expectancy of around 10 to 15 years if you take care of it. If your air conditioner no longer cools your home efficiently, it is high time to call for a new AC installation. Book a service now! 

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