Money plays a special role in the life of every person. In youth, there is an opportunity to earn and spend. But old age is gradually approaching. In order not to need anything in retirement, you need to have a financial airbag. Therefore, now you need to think about how to make capital work for you. In this article, we will tell you where to find money for a successful investment, if there is no extra money. With our advice, you will learn not only how to save, but also how to increase your income.

1. Make it a rule to save 10% of your income.

George S. Clayson mentions this method in his sensational book The Richest Man in Babylon. Parkinson wrote about it before him. Despite the obviousness and simplicity of the advice, not everyone succeeds in following it. Most likely, this is due to the fact that he is misunderstood. People are used to saving for a month, but in the end they cannot save something. 

So it's best to pay yourself first. How it works? You receive income and deposit 10% into an investment account. This money should never be touched. In six months, you have a financial safety net. It will protect not only from lack of money, but also create psychological comfort.

2. Passive income.

Agree, it's nice to receive monthly money on the card and not make much effort. There are many ways to generate this income: 

• Purchase real estate and rent it out; 

• Receive interest on bonds or dividends on shares; 

• Learn the basics of trading and trade in the financial markets. 

• Use referral programs that operate in investment projects. 

3. Don't waste your money, learn to save. 

This does not mean that you should deny yourself everything and purchase low-quality goods or products with red price tags. Be sure to pamper yourself, otherwise you can go crazy.

No, we're talking about a completely different economy. First, think about what you spend your money on the most. Here are some effective ways to find out: 

• Keep a record of all your spending in a notebook. 

• Download a mobile application that will allow you to control your finances. 

• Track the history of transactions in the bank application. 

• Create a table of household expenses and income in Excel. 

All expenses fall into three broad categories: 

1. Permanent. These include payments for housing and communal services, loans, Internet and mobile communications, and others. 

2. Variables. These include expenses for food, clothing, furniture, gifts for loved ones, and others. 

3. Large. These expenses include the most expensive purchases: car, travel or real estate purchase. 

After analyzing your spending on debt, utilities, clothing, food, and more, you can start saving. 

Here are some ways to save money:

·   Disable unnecessary tariff services: channels, options, cellular operator services and others.

·   Purchase bonus cards at local supermarkets.

·   Learn all about cashbacks and teach how to use them.

·   Refinance loans whenever possible.

·   Save on travel costs. For example, buy a travel card.

·   Buy groceries in bulk.

·   Save electricity and water.

If you can reduce your monthly expenses by 5-10% in these ways, consider yourself a guru in savings. 

4. Find a source of additional income. 

In the modern world, it is difficult to find a person who does not have an additional part-time job. In the era of the Internet and the worldwide epidemic, the number of remote jobs has increased. 

In addition, many interesting professions have appeared: Internet manager, marketer, web designer, copywriter, blogger and others. In addition, there are numerous exchanges where you can complete tasks for a certain amount. Those who like to work with text and write interestingly can start their own blog and write on interesting topics. At the moment, one of the most popular channels is Medium. 

If you don't know how, don't be afraid to learn new skills. The Internet is full of paid and free courses, some of which guarantee employment.

5. Examine tax deductions. 

Be sure to find out what deductions you are entitled to, in what amount and what documents are needed to process them. 

We list the main methods of tax deduction:

·   When buying an apartment.

·   Deduction of mortgage interest.

·   For treatment.

·   For studying.

·   For having a dependent in the family.

·   For the loss of dividends on collapsed shares.

 6. Sale of unnecessary and low-income assets.

Assets include not only land plots and real estate, but also unnecessary things. Anything can be attributed to them. This can be furniture, a TV, a mobile phone, or a baby stroller. These items are best sold as you will never need them again.

For these purposes, you can use various trading platforms, newspapers, forums or groups on social networks. Surely other people need these things.

7. Increase your working hours

If you are working and you still don’t have money, it’s worth increasing the amount of work. This method is not for everyone. Still, we consider it necessary to mention it. You can take additional shifts at your main job. This method will increase your monthly income, but it will take energy and personal time. 

Use this advice as a last resort. Remember that ruined health cannot be bought for any money.

Better to ask for a promotion at your current job. To do this, provide your employer with strong arguments.

8. Get rid of debts.

If you have loans or borrowings, it is too early for you to think about investments. Try to get out of debt soon. This will help you gain financial freedom.

Dave Ramsey has developed a step-by-step debt relief plan:

1. Never take loans unless absolutely necessary.

2. Save 1000 dollars. This will help you feel calmer.

3. Use the snowball method. Pay off loans from smallest to largest.

4. Create a contingency fund for three or six months. He will help in case of job loss.

5. Save money for retirement 15% of your monthly income. These funds can be deposited or purchased securities.

6. Save up for education for children, if you have one. As a last resort, save money for your own college education.

7. Pay off your mortgage. The amount that you set aside for education, and any additional income, at this stage, you need to add to your monthly mortgage payment in order to pay off on it as early as possible.

8. Enjoy financial freedom. Now save money for what you really hold dear: investments, business, retirement, and travel. Don't forget to donate to charity.


Finding money for investment will not be difficult for someone who desires it with all their hearts. The main thing in this difficult matter is to understand that it is possible to change your life and ensure a happy future. Stop living paycheck to paycheck, now is the time to think about saving. And one of the most profitable ways to implement them is investing. Various marketplaces and platforms can be used for these purposes (WALDORA company, State Street, BlackRock). All of the tips we have listed will help you allocate some of the money from your budget for investing. If you know other life hacks, share them in the comments.
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