The Simming Prize is awarded to individuals and entities for outstanding contributions to the hobby of simming, online role-playing, and related activities. The community leaders have decided that these people deserved a way to be awarded for their efforts, and thus The Prize was born. It has since been awarded several times and has recently changed to reflect the growing popularity of other online role-playing games such as Elite: Dangerous, EVE Online, and World of Warships. 

You can win a Simming Award for a significant one-time accomplishment or for sustained contributions over some time. You become a Simming Award Laureate when you win the Prize.

Role-playing video game

Role-playing video game refers to a type of game in which the player controls the actions of a character immersed in some well-defined world, generally involving a change in the protagonist's personality and responsibilities. A role-playing video game is often set in a fantasy or science fiction universe and may allow the player to develop the character's skills and abilities. Common actions taken by players include acquiring new units, attacking enemies and interacting with non-player characters or the environment. 

How Did the Simming Prize Originate?

The International Simming Prize was established in 1999 and awarded in five categories. Since 2006, however, the Prizes have taken on a more global outlook and no longer offer categories. The Prize has also been referred to as the Nobel Prize for online gaming. Unlike the Nobel Prize, which is awarded annually, the Simming Prize is granted only upon nomination by any individual or group.

In the early years of the Simming League, Starfleet Legacy Alliance (SLA) was one of their main competitors. However, in 2005, after SLA member Seth Cotis died, the two organizations became allies when SLA merged with the Simming League in 2006. At that time, a medal for excellence within the league was created and named the "Seth Cotis Medal of Excellence" to honor his memory.

After the dissolution of the Simming League in 2011, Ongoing Worlds and then Sim Enc had the responsibility of administering the Simming Prize until 2013, when a group of Trustees was established to manage the Prize. The awards are now independent of any organization.

The Simming Prize Winners

It's always an impressive achievement to create something new out of nothing, help others build meaningful relationships, or set a personal record by achieving a long-held goal. Such individuals, sims, and groups have fought back against adversity, overcome challenges and barriers, or simply found success in various rewarding endeavors.

The 2020 winners include one individual, one sim, and three groups. The 2021 class features winners from various role-playing types, including an eclectic range of newcomers. Two groups celebrated their 20th-anniversary last year, while another group is relatively new to the community with a lot of promise for the future.

1. Sim Central

Since its inception in 2021, Sim Central has been about one thing: bringing people together. Sim Central is a neutral ground for all things simulator gaming… and beyond, from role-playing to survival games and everything that comes between. They're a place where you can be yourself or play any character you wish, where creativity knows no bounds, where stories are written in real-time, where friends are made. Where the action is always hot, and the gameplay is always fresh. 

These principles, coupled with a fantastic staff and widely-supported community, have allowed Sim Central to stand out among the simming community and become a beacon for some of the best role-playing to be found anywhere on the Internet for many years running.

2. Zodiac Fleet

Zodiac Fleet has been active since 2000, but they have remained current by offering new features each year. Many other events can only replicate this success by reducing the number of role-playing games. They offer a wide selection of popular and staple games, but they also experiment with new games frequently. With only 2 members per game, Zodiac Fleet knows how to make sure you get the time you seek.

3. Obsidian Fleet

Obsidian Fleet has been a feature of the Enterprise community for two decades, having hosted major role-playing events like Khitomer and FallFest and being active within the broader simming community. Founded on a model that focuses on the community, a stable platform for its members has fostered something more than just a large group of players; it has fostered a tight-knit community full of traditions, drama, and memories. As Obsidian Fleet celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021, it is sure to remain a fixture in the simming world for many years to come.

  1. SJet

SJet has a strong track record of providing excellent role-play experiences for people of all levels at his sims. He stands out for his commitment to his players' enjoyment, as well as his ability to pivot and adapt as necessary.

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