For bakers and foodies alike, hot cross buns are a delicious way to start the Easter celebrations and traditions.

Or New Year, depending on how early this Easter treat hits supermarket shelves. 

Whether you decide to make them from scratch or buy them from the store, there are many different flavours to try out. From the classic dried fruit and spice combination to more unusual chocolate flavours, there’s something for everyone!

I’m sure you’re familiar with the taste and texture of some of these different hot cross bun varieties, but have you ever wondered what the best flavours of hot cross buns are? 

Let’s take a look at all the hot cross bun options.

The Chocolate Lovers Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Bun

While the Easter bunny may bring chocolate eggs, no one ever said we couldn't enjoy chocolate in our hot cross buns as well.

Perfect if you microwave them for a few seconds or heat them under the grill, chocolate chip hot cross buns are extra delicious served warm when the chocolate chips are melting and gooey.

Traditional Hot Cross Bun For The Traditionalist

If you love sugar, spice and all things nice you can not go wrong with the traditional hot cross bun.

While recipes may vary between bakeries and stores, typically the traditional hot cross bun is packed full of delicious dried fruit and flavoured with aromatic mixed spice, ground cinnamon and nutmeg.

Fluffy and Fruitless

Simple, but far from plain, the fruitless hot cross bun is perfect for those who are not dried fruit lovers.

As there is no dried fruit, fruitless hot cross buns can be more soft and fluffy than the fruit or chocolate varieties. 

Top your fruitless hot cross bun with jam, butter, Nutella, or just enjoy it plain. Either way, the fruitless hot cross bun is light, delicious and perfect with a cup of tea. 

Hot Cross Buns with a Sourdough Twist

If you are into sourdough bread, you will love the sourdough hot crus bun.

Extra crunchy, extra flavour and extra delicious, the sourdough hot cross bun is crusty on the outside and perfectly soft on the inside.

A Savoury Vegemite and Cheese Hot Cross Bun

One for the savoury lovers, the Vegemite and cheese hot cross bun is as Aussie as it comes.

Made with the nation's favourite spread, the Vegemite and cheese hot cross bun is a newcomer in the hot cross bun flavour lineup. 

While it has divided opinions and is sacrilegious to some, if you love Vegemite as much as the next person, you are bound to love this Aussie creation. 

Apple & Cinnamon Hot Cross Buns

Apple and cinnamon have long been a perfect match and crumble favourite, so they are bound to be good in hot cross bun form.

Typically made using a traditional hot cross bun recipe that is flavoured with nutmeg, mixes spice and cinnamon, this recipe adds in dried or canned apple instead of sultanas and raisins.

Think apple pie, apple cake and apple crumble but in hot cross bun form. Yum!

What Is The Best Hot Cross Bun Flavour

Whether you prefer fruit or no fruit, chocolate or Vegemite, there is a hot cross bun recipe and flavour to suit all tastebuds.

Consumer group CHOICE has put 15 different hot cross bun recipes to the test to discover which store and bakery sell the best hot cross buns in Australia. 

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