The Covid-19 epidemic disrupted the world order, but we have started limping back to normality in 2022. Indian weddings, the social currency of many Indian families, were also affected. Indian weddings have undergone a sea of change and are slowly resurfacing with interesting trends that are adaptations to the tight social distancing norms and restrictions on gatherings. 

Here is a list of some interesting trends in Indian weddings in 2022. 

  • A small select gathering of close friends and family members has replaced the big fat Indian weddings of the pre-2020s. Personal touches have replaced the fuss and formality of large weddings.

  • There is a greater degree of customisation and personalisation at all weddings functions.

  • Smaller intimate gatherings are preferred over large, over-the-top celebrations. This also leaves more room in the wedding budget for choosing dream venues and unique wedding entertainments. Guest lists are specially curated and restricted to the closest members of both families.

  • Dishes served at wedding banquets are chosen to invoke memorable experiences for the bride and the groom, such as dinner on their first date and first anniversary at their favourite restaurants.

  • Couples want to have fun with photo booths, rain dances, circus acts, fortune-tellers, professional dancers, and magic shows. Budget expenditure is now being diverted to these entertainments to make the wedding as memorable as possible.

  • The timings of the wedding have shifted from evening and starlit nights to the golden glow of daylight.

  • Fairy tale lighting and dazzling canopies now dominate wedding themes.

  • Destination weddings are the in-thing, whether it is inside India or out of the country. People are taking a leaf out of the wedding celebrations of movie stars. Authentic cuisines, and dazzling entertainment at awe-inspiring locations are the talk of the town on Instagram Reels.

  • Mono-floral themes, and attention to tabletop flatware like unique linens and china grab your attention in these intimate weddings.  

Even though the guest list for the wedding is curated, unique touches and entertainment can add to your wedding expenses. So a personal loan for wedding expenses can help with wedding expenses. Many financing agencies provide a personal loan that can help your family bridge the financial gaps in your wedding expenditure and make it a truly memorable one.

Some standard terms and conditions for a personal loan include:

  • Amount of the Loan: Personal loans for weddings are sanctioned up to Rs 35 lakhs.

  • Eligibility and documentation: You should be between 21 and 58 years of age. You should have a stable employment history of at least six months. ID proof, address proof, salary statements, and bank statements as evidence of repayment capability is a must.

  • Personal loan interest rates start at 10.99% p.a. Actual interest rates for your loan will depend on your loan eligibility, income, and other criteria that determine where the interest rates for your personal loan are fixed. All the information about additional charges related to the loan is provided upfront. 

  • On a personal loan EMI calculator, you can figure out your potential loan amount, rate of interest applicable, and the period of the loan. The EMIs can be fixed or structured according to your convenience and cash flows. Most loan financing companies provide various options in choosing the interest rate, tenure, and affordability.

  • Flexible tenure from 12 to 72 months for repayment is usually offered.

Key Takeaways

Everyone deserves their dream wedding to come true. Taking a personal loan enables you to go the extra mile to make the day memorable for your family and friends. Flexible tenors, affordable interest rates, and loan amounts with options to reschedule repayments as per income make the process of taking and paying back a personal loan all too easy.


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