If you live in a house, an apartment, or a condo, it's essential to make sure your home is as secure as possible. While there are many ways to do this, adding a home security camera is a great option.

However, some people may be hesitant to do this because they're worried about invasion of privacy. But here, we will discuss the benefits of having home security cameras and help you decide if they're right for you.

Privacy Protection 

And yet, despite how easy it is to install a home security camera, the privacy rules regarding CCTV apply. These limits apply to cameras being installed to protect the privacy of those around you, such as your neighbors.

ADT security cameras are equipped with de-warping technology to keep an eye on unwelcomed visitors by smartly alerting you and checking your security. 

So, how can we make our homes secure with the privacy considerations of those around us? Following are the ways you can do it: 

Home Security without Invading Privacy

Today, security cameras offer valuable features to get the view you need while protecting passersby's privacy.

Installing cameras in your home will not interfere with anyone's privacy outside.

Consequently, your family members and others need to be aware of the location of the interior security cameras in the home. Their placement won't compromise privacy unless they are purposely placed to record through windows and into another building.

Different rules apply to cameras installed outside with a view of other people. Here, it's essential to determine whether someone can reasonably expect privacy in a particular location.

A security camera overlooking your driveway while also capturing the road, pavement, and a neighbor's driveway is not a problem.

Restrict an Area

The camera's settings can typically be adjusted by restricting the area recorded by the camera. A digital black box can be placed over the area of the camera that should not be recorded, which is offered by many smart cameras. Your neighbor's front door or lounge windows or the house opposite yours could be your view.

Blocking these areas still allow you to use your camera to monitor your back garden or driveway, but it won't capture anything dangerous.

A camera owner can also set activity zones. For example, the system ignores movement in some regions of the frame. Instead, it only records (and alerts) in locations where movement is anticipated, such as a pathway, door, or window.

In such cases, it is worth telling your neighbors and even showing them what is not being recorded and monitored. To ensure your neighbors' privacy is protected, transparency is critical.

Homes with Shared Lands

A shared hallway is part of your living space. Therefore, a security camera that faces your door may be inappropriate since it may record footage of other residents who have access to the common area.

The use of video doorbells in apartments is similarly challenging, as their view may include the hallway and, when open, the door (and interior) of the neighboring property.

Audio Recorded by Camera

Smart security cameras can record both audio and video. They may lack a microphone, and they also fall under wiretap laws. Under U.S. wiretapping law, one party can consent to record audio as long as another party consents to it. This means that you can record a conversation if you're involved in it. 

When someone trespasses on your property or home, they have no right to privacy. It is possible to capture and use audio and video recordings to prove guilt.

Handle Recorded Data

Besides considering the location of the cameras carefully, you also need to be sure they are recording footage responsibly.

The laws governing video surveillance cannot be applied to any other purpose than property protection. Therefore, camera owners should respond appropriately if anyone requests access to their footage after it has been recorded.

Also, ensure that footage displays the correct date and time and that recordings are not stored for longer than necessary, then deleted when necessary by request. 

Final Words

There is no doubt that security cameras anywhere can raise privacy concerns. But when it comes to home security, the benefits of having security cameras outweigh the risks for most people.

ADT security services are the most trusted brand in the U.S., offering security essentials that give you peace of mind.

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