We live in a digital era where technology has the final say in every matter of concern. Such is the dependence on computers and other information technology that companies around the world are on a hiring spree to address the demands of the tech sector. 

Technology and business are the foundations on which world economies thrive and grow. Therefore, technical skills are in high demand globally. With the right educational qualification, you can explore careers in Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA), one of the favourite courses among students. 

Pursuing a BCA opens the door to a myriad of opportunities in various skilled sectors. Let us explore the career prospects awaiting graduates in BCA.

Database designer

Database designers are responsible for designing and developing the database of an organisation. For this, you must understand a company’s data and then design database models. As a database designer, you must monitor the database, identify the users, and provide access to them while at the same time preventing any unauthorised access. Maintaining a strong database helps analysts and engineers in accessing the required data. 

Software Quality Analyst

As the name suggests, it is the responsibility of a software quality analyst to certify the quality of software and applications. A quality analyst tests software and applications and ensures that they are error and bug-free before delivering them. Thus, software quality analysts are vital to the testing phase of software products as they make sure that the final product meets the prescribed quality standards.

Technical consultants

Technical consultants are IT professionals who have expert knowledge of various software solutions. As a technical consultant, you must resolve any software or hardware technical issues that arise in an organisation’s systems. You must also oversee the training sessions and documentation that take place in the company.

Web designer

A web designer must conceptualise, design, and code web pages that meet the requirements of the client. As a web designer, you must meet clients, understand their needs, prepare rough designs, and create codes to present the final design. A web designer must develop appealing user interfaces that attract customers.

Software Developer

As a software developer, you must create algorithms, flowcharts, and codes to design software and applications. You must ensure that the product meets the specifications that are mentioned by the client. A software developer is also responsible for running regular tests to identify and resolve bugs and upgrade existing software.

Some other opportunities in the tech sector include software consultant, database administrator, network engineer, data scientist, etc. 

All the career roles in the tech industry come with lucrative salary packages, perks and benefits. It also promises career growth and stability along with remote work options due to the ongoing digitisation. 

As companies are constantly on the move to make their presence felt globally by expanding to various countries, there is never a scarcity of jobs in the tech sector. If you are looking forward to a stable and lucrative career, enrol in a BCA program to gain relevant knowledge in this field.

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