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Doors should be taken into account as early in the planning stages of the renovation as possible, regardless of whether you're self-building or just updating the interiors of an existing building.

Custom wardrobe interior doors  with striking finishes can significantly increase the "wow" factor of a home, especially in upscaled and luxurious apartments. By unifying a theme and completing a "look" through your internal and external doors, you can enhance its appeal and reinforce the overall quality of the build.

Adding a personal touch can help you achieve the desired aesthetic, whether you're looking for made-to-measure front doors that exude style or a straightforward set of bespoke minimalistic internal doors to set the tone of your home. Here, we examine the key advantages of made-to-measure doors and explore how they can give a house more flair and personality.

Add value and individuality

A fantastic addition to a home trying to raise its value are bespoke doors. Made-to-measure doors can accommodate the needs of even the most awkward spaces thanks to their wide range of styles, functionalities and features. Contemporary interior doors can serve as a finishing touch to the larger architecture or as a way to save space. Specific architectural styles, like double-hinged doors in larger rooms and glazed lateral doors in spaces that yearn for a sense of openness, naturally complement particular interior design schemes. Appropriately chosen, custom-sized interior doors can facilitate a smooth transition between rooms.

Customise your space

Doors that are made to measure can be carefully arranged to maximize oddly shaped areas. When it comes to improving a space, even the smallest areas can be functional and shouldn't be disregarded. Doors with angled heads are perfect for tucked-under spaces like cupboards or under stairs. Pocket doors are a common option for larger rooms since they can unite even the largest open-plan living areas. Double-hinged leaf doors can be added to wardrobe that need to function smoothly in order to create a continuous atmosphere. Conversely, a glazed door lets in natural light to brighten a space and give the impression that it is larger than it actually is. With these options, you can customize your door to best meet the requirements.

Flawless function

We create custom prehung interior door sets for your project. This means that in order to guarantee that every component of your ideal door functions flawlessly, you can get  the frame, leaf, and architraves designed before assembling them at the factory.

Size is not an issue

With a made-to-measure door, you are free to choose any design, shape or style you like, and that freedom also extends to size. Since you can choose any size you like, the possibilities for creativity are virtually endless. We design and provide doors that can reach up to three meters in height, depending on the configuration, for larger spaces where doors must have a noticeable visual impact. For example, Deuren pocket doors can be installed up to eight meters wide, creating a visually arresting element for your interior.

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