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If you report for a personal injury litigation, your outcome will depend on the evidence. The kind of evidence that can help you include photos, clothing, videos, witness statements, and others. This evidence can reveal useful information in the care. 

On the other hand, witness testimony will significantly impact the outcome of the case. Therefore, in this article,  we have provided you with the importance of having witness testimonies in your personal injury litigation. 

Nonetheless, you will also need an experienced personal injury lawyer in NYC

Understanding a Witness Statement 

You have heard about a witness statement or given one. So, what does it mean? This is a recorded or written statement of other people's observations or experiences about an incident resulting in a personal injury lawsuit. The comments are provided by specialists, witnesses, or a party engaged in that case. 

These witness statements are important in the legal world. They occupy a unique place and help shed light to solve a problem. The firsthand account is usually important in providing facts. 

How Witness Statement Differs from Other Evidence 

When solving a case, witness statements will differ from other evidence collected.  They should also be distinguished as they act as subjective accounts of the incident, which is unlike other evidence such as medical records. 

However, witness statements usually rely on dependability and trustworthiness which calls for interpretation and cross-examination. 

Their reliability relies on various factors such as consistency, relevance, and witness credibility. In some personal injury cases, these witness statements are challenged or disputed. 

Jurors depend on their own assessments of witnesses’ temperament, honesty, and consistency before judging their statements.

In addition, witness statements are a game changer. They offer human elements in a case and jurors can relate to personal levels in the case. 

When you have a compelling witness statement, it can persuade opinions to impact the outcome of the case. 

How to Know a Strong Witness Statement 

You know that the strength of your witness's statement can have a substantial impact on your case. To know whether you have a strong witness statement, consider these factors below: 

  • Consistency and accuracy 

Contradictions and inconsistencies will weaken the credibility 

  • Credibility of the witness 

You have to consider factors such as reputation, demeanor, and relationship to the incident. 

  • Clarity and objectivity 

When there is a well-structured and objective statement it will persuade the jury. 

  • Detail and specificity 

Specifics will make the statement believable and compelling. 

  • Relevance 

The witness statement should be relevant to your personal injury claim. 

  • Emotional impact

An emotional statement resonates and will make it more powerful. 

  • Corroboration 

A statement is more credible when it corroborates with other evidence. 

  • Supporting witnesses 

Multiple witnesses will strengthen the credibility of the case. 

  • Absence of bias 

A statement is viewed with skepticism. 

Why You Need an Attorney 

Sometimes, there could be challenges or inconsistencies in the testimonies. Therefore, you will need a personal injury attorney on your side. 

A good lawyer will evaluate the challenges and shortcomings of the witness statements. As professionals, they can easily judge the comments that are believable to those that need clarification. 

If there are contradictions in the testimonies, the lawyer will handle them strategically.

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