The air conditioner has become a primary necessity in every home. Consider during summer or winter the latest air conditioner unit offers you coolness and warmth. Most of the time the problem everyone struggles is how to maintain and preserve the life of the AC unit.
It is but obvious you want to ensure that your AC sustains longer life as you have invested your hard-earned money. Besides, if it is damaged entirely then the buying of air conditioner unit is quite costly.
Therefore, to ensure that the air conditioner unit runs smoothly and increases the life sustained of the AC, we have written down the blog.
In the below-mentioned blog, we have given you a few repair tips that will increase the life expectancy of the AC. To know more, keep scrolling until you reach down!
1.    Cleaning the Filters
Filters are considered one of many important parts of the air conditioner unit. Hence, it is quite essential to keep them cleaning at regular intervals.
When you don’t clean the filters for a prolonged time then the dust gathers up in the filter thereby making it difficult for the air conditioner to work.
Besides, it also causes respiratory problems among your family members. Hence, always ensure that the AC repair technician checks the filters and if required changes them.
2.    Giving Rest to AC
When you run the AC for a continuous time, then they wear out easily. Thus, every time you are leaving the home, turn off the AC. However, if you wish still wish it to stay on then put the thermostat at a minimum of 5 degrees but not cooling the air.
Another great technique to improve the life of your air conditioner unit is to turn up the thermostat at the night.
3.    Cleaning the Ducts
There are plenty of reasons why cool air isn’t reaching you in the home. One of them turns out to be of ducts. If they are super dirty then it surely will slow down the air conditioner unit and air flow of it.
The dirt and the debris are accumulated over time inside the ducts. Due to which it becomes extremely difficult to give you the fresh air.
When you keep doing the duct, cleaning regularly then chances of having dirty air reduces. It also improves the air quality inside your home.
According to a professional ac repair technician, you must clean the ducts once in a year or right before the regular basis.
4.    Electronics off
Though there’s not much effect on the air conditioner prevention is better than cure. Therefore, if you are not using any of the appliances in the home then please turn it off.
These devices add heat in your home by this means making it difficult for the AC unit to work harder.
5.    Leaking
Even though it is recommended to check the leaks every once in a year we would suggest you do it twice in a year.
Check whether there are any leaks in the house. If there are then it might cause a breakdown in the air conditioner.
6.    AC Drain Line
During the summer, the AC unit will remove all the moisture. If you add 1 cup of chlorine with gallons of water, it will help you in keeping the drain cleaner.
Moreover, you can also add the “E-Z Trap”, that will allow you to see any blockages before they get into the system and damages it entirely.
Another option is the safety switch to shut down the air conditioner unit when there’s water back up.
7.    Checking the Air Flows
The areas surrounding the vents must be clear so that there’s no blockage of airflow. Sometimes the furniture and drapes can also be the reason for causing the block of air thereby diminishing the life of Air conditioner unit.
Air conditioners have become a necessity, especially during summers. To be certain that they have a prolonged life, we have mentioned down the air conditioner repairing tips.
In the above-written blog, we have summoned up about tips from an expert ac repair technician. Follow them to improve the life expansion of AC unit.


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