Traveling to Varanasi can be a great choice if you want to see and live a more exotic India with a much more spiritual connection. Varanasi is one of the 7 sacred cities for Hinduism and receives thousands of souls a day. If you are looking for something to do in Varanasi, this is what you can not miss.
People from many parts of the world and from all over India come to bathe in their "sacred" Ganges River. With that bath a person cleanses his body of all evil and generates positive karma. Everyone should bathe even once in life in their channels.
Many are the dying or bodies that are brought to the crematories that are in the ghats in the river Ganges and that are later thrown into the river. Here in this river, life and death coexist in this, one of the most polluted rivers in the world. When thinking about what to do in Varanasi you have to know that it is a connection with all this. With what the guides tell you and what your eyes will see.
In Varanasi you can walk through thousands of narrow streets with stalls and souvenirs, flowers, clothes and ornaments. You can see travelers, pilgrims, beggars, bicycles. All in a mixture of people that produce a noise without equal, because more than 3 million people live in Varanasi, and when most of the population goes out to the street it can give a feeling of suffocation, but for this you can get many places that teaches yoga and meditation. So one can relax inside a city full of noise and chaos. The options of activities to do in Varanasi are many.

Things to do in Varanasi

To travel to Varanasi is to take a step towards an exotic, spiritual and unique destination. You will find amazing sites like these:

1. Walk the Ghats

If there is anything we can do in Varanasi, it is precisely walking through the Ghats. On the long stone stairs that lead us to the river Ganges. Since dawn until the night closed, you can see both life and death in these places.
There are more than 80 ghats that you can walk around. In most you will find people bathing in its sacred water, washing clothes, cows bathing, children learning to swim, gentlemen who wash their teeth, women who wash dishes and clothes. The life of Varanasi goes largely in its river.
In another part, the ghats are used for crematoria. Along with the ghats, thousands of bodies are cremated each year. Once the ritual is over, they throw the ashes into the river, at the same place where the cows drink water, where the children play or learn to swim.
The best time to visit the ghats is at sunrise and sunset. Not only because of the heat, but because it is in those moments where we can find sadhus, pilgrims and curious people.

2. Give Yourself A Boat Ride

Among other interesting things to do when traveling to Varanasi is to take a boat trip on the Ganges. You can thus contemplate the ghats, temples and others directly from the river. You can also make postcard photographs for our memory of your unforgettable boat trip.
On the bank of the Ganges you will find several boats and boats ready to give you a pleasant walk along the Ganges River. A normal walk will not be more than 100 rupees which is nothing compared to everything we are going to earn in return, a lovely trip down the Ganges River and with spectacular views.  The ships are loaded with travelers and sometimes it can be uncomfortable.
Bargain a good price for someone to take you for a private boat ride. The feeling of connecting with a much more human and spiritual India is incredible.

3. Meditation, Yoga And Music Lessons

There are many places that you will find in Varanasi that teaches meditate, to practice yoga and to relax.  Practicing Yoga or meditating while traveling in an environment full of stress and nerves is appreciated. Your trip can become an experience where you can learn to relax and take your life in another way. Of course, you have to be especially careful with scammers, because in this sector there is much that you are going to find. Find out with locals the best places to go.

You will also find many places or people who offer classes of typical instruments of Indian music. If you like music and curious or eager to learn to play those instruments, let's not hesitate and accept some Indian music lessons.

When to travel to Varanasi?

As in all India you have to avoid going in times of heat and rain. When it rains in Varanasi it is not just a little, but the Ganges River gets to overflow. The best thing is to avoid the monsoon season.
You also have to avoid the hot season, since in May you may find yourself with a sensation of heat of about 50 degrees at nightfall. So the best time to travel to Varanasi is from September to March, a time when it is not raining or hot.

How to Get To Varanasi?

Varanasi is a well-connected city; you can get there by train or by bus. Depending on your needs and tastes you may find that these means of transport lack cleanliness and are full to the brim. But it also has its charm.

By Train

It has daily service of cities such as Delhi, Agra, Lucknow, Mumbai and Kolkata. Varanasi has two railway stations. Some arrive at Varanasi Junction and others arrive at Mughal Sarai Junction. It is last about 15 kms from the city. This Mughal Sarai station is the right one if you come from Agra or Tundla.


To get to Varanasi, you have daily buses from the Nepal border and from other points in northern India. They leave every day every hour from the main bus station, near the train station. From there you can travel to other places such as Gorakhpur (5 hrs), Lucknow (8 hrs), Kanpur (9 hrs) and Allahabad (3 hrs).


Another option if you want to go directly from other places, is to go by plane because there 25 km away is Varanasi airport. Despite not being far away, it may take about an hour by car or taxi from the airport to the city of Varanasi.

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