The growth of e-commerce and the wide dependence on digital devices has made digital marketing a popular tool in Canada. This cost-effective and result-oriented method has replaced traditional marketing techniques in many places due to its ability to reach large audience groups using techniques such as search engine optimization, email marketing, and social media marketing. 

Due to the growing demand for professionals to handle various fields, a digital marketing program is highly sought after by students to secure a job in the industry. This program will help you acquire all the theoretical knowledge and practical skills that make you a good digital marketing expert.

So, what are the opportunities for digital marketing experts, and what is the outlook for digital marketing jobs in Canada?

The growing demand for digital marketing in Canada

Statista reports that the average number of internet users in Canada is around 36.89 million which amounts to 96.5% of the total population. 33.3 million of these people are also active social media users. The data suggests that digital marketing is the best way to reach the target audience in Canada.

With one of the highest online penetration rates in the world, the Canadian advertising landscape is focused on digital marketing techniques. The average digital marketing spending and investment in Canada are expected to reach 12.19 billion Canadian dollars by 2024, according to Statista reports. This makes Canada one of the leading digital markets globally.

The exponential growth of the digital marketing industry has increased the demand for digital marketing professionals skilled at handling various operations in the field. Moving forward, the digital marketing industry is likely to become one of the high employability sectors globally.

What are the popular digital marketing careers?

The digital marketing industry is so diverse and vast that you will come across several job opportunities that pay you well and offers flexibility and stability. Most often you also don’t have to work round the clock in the digital marketing industry. It is all about delivering what is assigned to you within a set time.

Here are some of the popular career opportunities in digital marketing:

  • Digital marketing manager

A digital marketing manager supervises the operations of various departments such as content, marketing, SEO, etc. You must ensure that the deadlines are met and the brand guidelines are followed. Communicating with stakeholders is also a part of your job.

  • SEO Specialist

A Search Engine Optimization specialist conducts research and finds relevant keywords that must be included while writing content for better ranking on search engines.

  • Content writer

As a content writer, you must produce creative write-ups that meet the brand guidelines and follows SEO requirements. 

Besides these, there are several other options in the digital marketing industry for you to choose from. Glassdoor reports that the average salary of a digital marketing expert in Canada is around $62,395.

Enroll in a digital marketing program to gain the relevant skills and kickstart your career in this ever-evolving industry.

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