A good night’s sleep is a blessing, it can brighten up your whole day and give you that extra boost of serotonin but a bad night’s sleep is a horrible horrible thing that snatches away every ounce of happiness from you. But not to worry too much because we have a list of things that you can do for a proper restful sleep. 

Invest In A Good Bed 

A good bed helps you sleep better and also maintains a good sleeping posture. Don’t compromise your health or back by selecting an imperfect bed. Now, we know that a good bed can cost a lot of money but you don’t have to really buy it, you can just rent it from furniture rental websites like bhadepay.com

Make a Sleep Schedule 

Go to bed every day at the same time, and set aside at least 7-8 hours for a peaceful restful sleep. Being consistent reinforces the body’s sleep-wake cycle. If you don’t fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed then, do something relaxing like listening to a night time podcast or meditating and journaling. 

Eat and Drink Right 

Before going to bed make sure you’re not stuffed or hungry as it might cause discomfort before and during the sleep cycle. Eat your dinner at least two hours before your bedtime and eat something light which doesn’t make you bloated. Limit the use of nicotine, alcohol and caffeine too before bedtime as they might disrupt the sleep cycle. Alcohol might make you feel sleepy but later on, it just disturbs your sleep, and if you’re drunk enough to pass out then your body doesn’t get the adequate amount of rest and sleep. 

Turn Off Your Devices 

Before saying goodnight, say goodbye to your devices. The blue rays generated by your smartphones or laptops can trick the brain into thinking it is day time, reducing the melatonin hormone production which helps a person fall asleep. If it is too hard to say goodbye to your devices, then use blue ray spectacles while using the device. 

Limit Day Time Naps 

Day time naps might sound very relaxing and tempting but they can cause issues in your daily night sleep schedule. If you’re really tired then you can probably steal an hour from your day’s time for a quick nap, but anything more than that can lead to insomnia later. So ration your sleep schedule in the day time accordingly so that you can enjoy a well rested sleep at night. 

Some nights can be hard to sleep and some nights you might not feel like sleeping at all. But make sure that you know that your sleep schedule sets the tone for your next day. A good night's sleep in a comfortable bed is all you need. 

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