Hospitality management is an exciting career choice that brings a lot of flexibility to your work life. You also get to travel to different places and explore diverse cultures as part of the job. The hirings in the travel and hospitality industries have also increased after the pandemic has subsided. 

Thousands of students opt for hospitality and tourism management programs to gain academic knowledge and practical exposure in the field. This helps find several lucrative job opportunities to work in hotels, travel agencies, event groups, and other related areas. 

As people find more time to travel and relax between their hectic schedules, the tourism and hospitality industries are on their way to further growth and development, making a career in this field a good choice. Let’s explore the various possibilities of graduating with a tourism and hospitality management degree.

A global outlook of the tourism and hospitality industries

Tourism and hospitality industries took a backseat when the pandemic hit globally, and people were not allowed to move out of their houses. But once the pandemic subsided the tourism industry was right back on track and is now reaping huge profits. This is because people travel a lot more these days than before the pandemic. 

According to the State of Hospitality 2022 report, the growth of the tourism and hospitality industries will reach $846 billion by 2025. After a difficult period during the covid pandemic, the travel and hospitality industries have rebounded well and are major contributors to the global economy. 

The talent gap in the hospitality sector is also real with millions of jobs remaining vacant because of a huge number of hotel openings in recent years. Companies are looking for applicants with higher educational qualifications to fill these vacancies at the earliest. With the current growth rate, the hospitality industry will soar high in the coming years and will have high employability rates.

Career opportunities in tourism and hospitality

There are diverse job opportunities for qualified candidates ranging from entry-level positions to managerial jobs. All these jobs pay well and offer you stability and career advancement opportunities. Take a look at some of the popular career prospects in this industry:

  • Hotel manager

As a hotel manager, you must supervise all administrative and operational functions at a hotel. Overseeing the work of various departments and creating marketing strategies are all your duties.

  • Restaurant manager

The duties of a restaurant manager are similar to a hotel manager except that you are the head of a restaurant. Recruiting new chefs, training them, and managing expenses are your responsibilities. 

  • Travel manager

Travel managers make sure that all the arrangements are made for the trip of their customers. 

  • Event organizer

As an event organizer, you must organize various events according to the preferences of the client. Adding a splash of creativity and making it a memorable event is your responsibility.

Apart from this, there are several other careers in this industry for you to explore. All you need is the right education and experience. So, grab your seats for a tourism and hospitality management program today.

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